Welcome to mardergraphics! We provide creative content from text, graphics, illustrations to music, supported by creative consulting services.

Creative Content

Today’s online world depends on creative content that connects with visitors, shoppers, readers and consumers. We provide creative, custom content for enterprises of all sizes – from a small start-up to multinational groups.


Founded in 1994 by Judith Marder and Robin Marder, mardergraphics is situated in Berlin, Germany. From text and graphic services to artworks, music, interactive and social media content, we offer a wide bandwidth of services for our growing client community all over the world.

We also offer creative and quality consulting for German speaking markets, including brand name checks, language quality assurance, language sign-off validation, pitch consulting and language provider quality audits.

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All safe and secure now

Now our web site is completely in HTTPS. I personally think that the extinction of pure HTTP sites is not a good idea, because having HTTPS for all sites and a certificate makes things more complicated for not that tech-savvy endusers that want to have their own web site outside the ubiquitous social media platforms …

The creative mind

Had a great talk today with a client about creativity. After mourning over the good old times where the Internet was a real playground, and not a big shopping mall like today, we agreed that creativity is a necessity for survival, not only in a business sense, but also on a personal level. Creativity involves …


You are looking for suitable creative content, texts that inspire your most important target group, artworks that captivate the imagination of customers, visitors and readers, music that underlines your message, video presentations and events with the right audio experience? Talk to us.

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